Photo by Rocio Chacon

Monika (Cracow, 1993) is an independent performance artist, dancer and choreographer working internationally mostly between Poland and the UK. She received her training in ACTS/ Ecole de danse contemporaine in Paris, London Contemporary Dance School and Unicamp University (Campinas, Brazil).

Monika’s choreographic experience ranges from creating black box pieces, being a movement director for theater and film productions to making site specific and outdoors performances. She usually works in collective and interdisciplinary set ups, exploring possibilities of non-hierarchical ways for working and creating.

She is a co-creator of BADBODYCHAOSCODE ( fka The Yonis) and a member of an alternative jazz band call Robert Diabeł, a choreographic initiative of sisterhood practices (praktyki siostrzeństwa), as well as Body Laboratory (Laboratorium Ciała) at the Cracow Choreographic Centre.

As a dancer, she has worked with POCKETART ( Johana Pocková and Sabina Bočková), Weronika Pelczyńska, Elinor Lewis, Kasia Witek, Dam Van Huynh, Kaori Ito, Stefano Silvino and continues to develop her skills by taking workshops with David Zambrano, Milan Tomasik and Thomas Hauert among others.

Interested in bringing movement to new, unconventional spaces; in social activism through dance and the meeting of choreography with other disciplines. Especially music and visual arts, Monika is also intrigued by the body’s ability to become some kind of vehicle for observing and experiencing the world around us. THREE SCULPTURES/ BODIES (2022) performance around Ursula von Rydignsvard’s sculptures presented at the National Museum in Krakow; TANECZNIE I SOLIDARNIE (2020) dance protest; and 100m (2022) prize-winning short dance film, are just some of examples of Monika’s recent artistic creations.

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