The Yonis are a contemporary movement girl band.

Inspired by gig culture, The Yonis want to recreate the shared feelings of joy, euphoria and togetherness that one feels when watching their favourite band. The Yonis work brings contemporary dance to unexpected places and in doing so encourages audiences to break the audience/performer barrier, to dance with them, enabling a more embodied viewing experience. As an all-female collective they celebrate their bodies as vehicles to be physical, powerful and dynamic, finding strength in coming together to create, take up space and make noise.

​The Yonis are made up of 10 core members: Áine Reynolds, Bethany Rose Edwards, Bun Kobayashi, Charlotte Mclean, Florence Blackmore, Haley Jayne Gash, Isobel Ripley, Jay Yule, Maisie Sadgrove and Monika Szpunar.

With an aim to celebrate and empower other female artists, The Yonis work as a fluid collective and have had roughly 50 different women collaborate and join them in various performances or events since February 2017, when Charlotte and Haley founded the girl band.

In our work so far The Yonis have accepted commissions and invitations to perform in
London, UK at V&A Musuem, Peckham Festival, Set Space Dalston, Yellow Days Festival
as well as at Edinburgh Fringe (Scotland), Festival d’Avignon (France), Brainchild Festival(UK) and SPACER Festival in Cracow (Poland).

Photo by Rocio Chacon

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